Our Radiologists

At Illawarra Radiology Group we pride ourselves on the quality and experience of our caring staff. Our team of imaging specialists covers a broad spectrum of sub-specialties and as such offer the complete range of diagnostic imaging and interventional services. They work closely with our managers, radiographers, sonographers, nurses, typists, receptionists and technical assistants to provide both patients and referrers with an unrivalled level of service.

Illawarra Radiology Group is committed to providing excellence in all imaging modalities with a courteous, personalised service for our patients and referring doctors.


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      Dr James Linklater OAM (CEO)
      MBBS (Hons), BMedSc, FRANZCR
      RadiologyMusculoskeletal imaging
      Dr Amey Aurangabadkar
      RadiologyBody oncology, Head and neck imaging, MRI, Ultrasound, Women's imaging
      Dr Chris Nikolich
      RadiologyBody imaging, Breast imaging, Musculoskeletal imaging, Ultrasound
      Dr Deborah Raper
      RadiologyInterventional radiology, Mammography, Musculoskeletal imaging, Ultrasound
      Dr Julian Adler
      MBBS (Hons), FRANZCR
      RadiologyMusculoskeletal imaging, Head and neck imaging
      Dr Simon Dimmick
      BPTHY, MBBS (Hons), PhD, FRANZCR
      RadiologyMusculoskeletal imaging, Neuroradiology
      Dr Lavier Gomes
      BDs, BSc (Hons), MBBS, FRACR
      RadiologyMRI, Neuroradiology, Head and neck imaging
      Dr Sarah McGlone
      MBBS (Hons), FRANZCR
      Dr Kevin Ng
      MBBS (Hons), FRANZCR
      RadiologyDental imaging, Head and neck imaging, Neuroradiology
      Dr Jennie Noakes
      BMed, FRANZCR
      RadiologyMusculoskeletal imaging
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