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Environmental Policy


We recognise our corporate responsibility to respect and improve the environment in which we work and live.

Our company is committed to meet all relevant environmental regulatory and legislative requirements, to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance and to prevent pollution. In addition, we are committed to:

  • Identifying and reducing waste and our consumption of resources
  • Providing education and training for our staff on environmental matters
  • Disaster mitigation through emergency planning to reduce adverse environmental outcomes

Sonic Healthcare’s management understands its responsibility in regard to protecting our environment and it will work to enable employee involvement and commitment that will heighten environmental awareness. This will, in turn, greatly assist continual improvement.

In accordance with the Sonic Values of “Demonstrating Responsibility and Accountability” and “Enthusiasm for Continuous Improvement”, our environmental policy includes a commitment to transparency of compliance. We will establish and maintain procedures which specify our environmental objectives and targets and facilitate their annual review.

We will assume a leadership role in our diagnostic practices by encouraging our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to mirror our commitment to environmental responsibility.


Dr Colin Goldschmidt
CEO, Sonic Healthcare