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What is an interventional procedure?

Interventional procedures are highly specialised examinations that require personal attendance by one of our imaging specialists, and involve either the injection of drugs or the removal of tissue (biopsies). Joint injections are offered as a treatment option for patients with a variety of joint, muscle or tendon ailments, and are designed to provide relief from inflammation and pain. Joint injections can be performed under X-Ray, CT or Ultrasound guidance. The method of choice will depend on the type of condition being treated.

Our Specialists personally perform your injections, and are highly skilled in this procedure. Following an injection you will be given instruction to follow and will be contacted by a member of our staff to evaluate the effectiveness of this treatment.

A biopsy is the removal of tissue for further analysis by a pathology laboratory. Biopsies are undertaken to obtain additional information that will complement the findings of previous diagnostic imaging examinations. Once again biopsies are performed directly by our Radiologists with the use of X-ray or ultrasound as a guiding tool. The doctor will give you some local anaesthetic then take a sample of the region of interest. The sample is analysed by the pathology company and a report will be sent directly to your doctor.

Is there any special preparation?

The preparation required for these procedures is likely to differ slightly but our reception staff will discuss this when booking appointments and our team of radiographers and nurses will discuss exactly what will happen in detail when patients arrive for their appointment.

With both procedures it may be necessary for you to ceasing taking anti-coagulant medications. This is to limit the occurrence of adverse effects such as excessive bleeding. Our staff will advise when making your appointment of any preparation that is required prior to injections or biopsies.

What should I bring?

Please be sure to bring along any previous x-rays, CT scans, ultrasound or MRI examinations which you may have available. These films can often provide valuable additional information to the attending Radiologist performing your procedure. All films are your property and will be returned to you.

Also, please bring your request form from your doctor which instructs us as to why the scan has been requested.

How much does it cost?

The cost of examinations depends on a number of factors which will be clarified when making a booking or arriving at the practice.


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