Improving Our Service

Illawarra Radiology Group is committed to continually improving the delivery of our service to our patients. We use the latest in information technology to make sure that your doctor has your results fast.

Is your Doctor a ‘Fetch!’ Doctor?

‘Fetch!’ is an online results delivery system that ensures your Doctor can access the results of your examination the moment they become available. Illawarra Radiology Group offers ‘Fetch!’ free to all our referrers.

As Fetch! allows your Doctor to rapidly access the results from Illawarra Radiology Group, your referrer will be able to decide if there is any need for an urgent consultation. If you do not hear from your referrer then all you need to do is attend your next appointment, as per normal.

Next time you visit your doctor, ask if they are a ‘Fetch!’ Doctor.

Please let us know if there is any way we can improve our service.